Bison Roaming in Campbell County

Courtesy Melrose Bison Farm

Campbell Co., VA - The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is asking drivers and neighbors to look out for a bison in the Long Island Road area.

The 2,100 pound animal was spotted near Mohawk Road on Friday. The bison escaped from a farm two weeks ago. That farm is located about 5 miles from where the animal was sighted.

Mike Morris, operator of Melrose Bison Farm, says the bull was spooked by a visitor and busted through a gate on July 6. The sheriff's office says Morris reported the missing animal to animal control on July 7. A driver called 911 around 3 a.m. Friday, reporting the animal in the road.

"They don't want to try and approach him. He's not really aggressive, but they are very territorial," said Morris. "They'll stop, they'll turn to face any type of threat and so he may charge."

If you see the bison, call the sheriff's office.