Birth Certificates Can Now Be Obtained At DMV

Roanoke, VA - Gone are the days the DMV will turn you away for not having your birth certificate because now you can get an official copy right at the DMV. It is part of an ongoing change in how the state agency does business which, so far, is proving popular after being launched in March. The Virginia DMV has already processed more than 11,000 requests. The ability to get your birth certificate at the DMV is just the latest change. You can also register your boat, get hunting and fishing licenses and even get a military ID card. This evolution, to include birth certificates, began about two years ago when State Senator Steve Newman, from Lynchburg, introduced the legislation. Tuesday afternoon Senator Newman was at the Roanoke branch which has been one of the state's busiest in processing birth certificates. Alone nearly 600 people from that area have taken advantage of the new service instead of making the long trip to Richmond. "A birth certificate is essential. We were turning over over 4,000 people away from offices like this one and making them drive to Richmond, from here over three hours, to come get that vital statistic," said Newman who is a Republican representing the 23rd District.Senator Newman's legislation doesn't stop there. Beginning January 1st 2015, Virginia residents will also be able to get copies of death and marriage certificates at the DMV as well.
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