Bike Lanes Coming to Rivermont Ave.

Lynchburg, VA - Fitness buffs listen up. The city is adding new bicycle lanes on Rivermont Avenue in Lynchburg, from the Rivermont bridge to VES. You may remember, back in 2010, Region 2000 completed a bike-pedestrian plan for the city and surrounding area, which council approved. As the water resources group finishes doing the CSO work, they will re-stripe and add bike markings and lanes where they can. This is very exciting news for bike enthusiasts.

"They've been working hard to get the 'Share the Road' signs put up in the community and they're definitely encouraging us to move forward with this. It's real cool because it's new to Lynchburg basically," said Don DeBerry, Lynchburg Traffic Engineer

DeBerry says it is going to take several years to complete the project.