Big Improvements Headed to Campbell Ave and Odd Fellows Rd.

New Odd Fellows road interchange will get built before Campbell Avenue project.

Lynchburg, VA - Big changes are coming to Campbell Avenue and Odd Fellows Road.

Thursday night, the city unveiled the plans to the neighborhood. The brand new Odd Fellows Road interchange is slated to start in 2015 and be done in 2017. Soon after, Campbell Avenue will get new bike lanes, landscaped medians and go down to a two-lane road.

City planners say the new Odd Fellows Road interchange will cut down on traffic on Campbell. They say both projects will make for a beautiful entrance into the Hill City.

"Gateways are really the first thing, the first impression that people remember when they enter and exit a community. And that's why we definitely want to put our best foot forward on these areas," said Tom Martin, city planner.

The next step is to present the plans in writing to the planning commission and city council.