Big Donation for Thomas Road Baptist Church

Lynchburg, VA - A very big donation to Thomas Road Baptist Church could mean big things for kids in Lynchburg for years to come.

Foster Fuels owner Watt Foster is donating 500 acres of land to the church.

It's located right near the Peaks of Otter.

The property was once used as a youth camp.

Foster and his wife decided to give the land to TRBC after realizing its potential as a new youth camp.

Jim Rebsamen the director of auxiliary services with Thomas Road Baptist Church says "To be able to reach more kids on a different level than what we're doing now--It means so much to our staff and to are organization, as well as our congregation."

There is still a lot of work to be done with the property before it can be opened, but planners are thrilled about the upcoming project.

They hope to have the camp up and running by June of next year.