Big Bird Thrust into Political Spotlight

Lynchburg, VA - Mitt Romney's comment about Big Bird got people talking and sent social media buzzing Thursday. We even have a comment from Big Bird.

Mitt Romney said, "I'm sorry, Jim, I'm gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm gonna stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird...I actually like you too. But I'm not gonna keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for us."

Thursday, Sesame Street executives are setting the record straight. Vice President Sherrie Westin Thursday says Sesame Street gets very little funding from PBS. Instead, they raise money from philanthropy, corporate underwriting, and sponsorship to name a few.

Westin doesn't stop there. She says all this talk is misleading.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger weighed in. She calls PBS America's biggest classroom, saying that "whether you have books in your home or a computer or not, almost everyone has a television set."

Folks we talked to in Lynchburg don't want Big Bird flying off any time soon.

"That's for the kids. We need Big Bird for the kids. I mean, back in my day when I was going to school that's all we've seen was Big Bird. We grew up with that, so he can't cut that," said Ricky Webster.

"He's going to take a terrible beating for that. A lot of people love Big Bird, man. We all grew up watching Big Bird," said Ozell Jones.

"I think that was one, very small example of something he would cut, so he came up with something," said Betsy Esch.

We also have a statement from Big Bird. According to "Sesame Street," Big Bird missed the debate Wednesday night. Saying quote "My bed time is usually 7:45, but I was really tired yesterday and fell asleep at 7!"