Biden Addresses Criticism at Speech in Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA - Virginia Tech was the last stop on Vice President Joe Biden's swing through Virginia, and more than 600 people came out to hear him speak Wednesday.

Biden's remarks in a campaign event on the Southside Tuesday caused a bit of a distraction, but you wouldn't have known it from the speech at McComas Hall. It steered clear of any symbolic speech aimed at Wall Street.

Biden has a history of saying some things that make heads turn, and just a day after one of his latest comments did just that, the Vice President wasn't apologizing.

"I know I am sometimes criticized for saying exactly what I mean... it's not going to change," he said in his speech at VT.

That's pretty much the take Vicki Arbuckle, and many others in this crowd, have as well.

"I think it's well intentioned, and I think it's silly the press makes such a big fuss over such things," said Arbuckle.

With that out of play, at least at VT's campus, Biden gave what the crowd came to hear. Starting with the addition of Tea Party aligned Congressman Paul Ryan to the GOP ticket.

"It gives us, the American people, the ability - the American people, to have an absolute, unfettered clear view," said Biden.

The Vice President also hammered home the President's record on jobs and his view that the GOP would give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of Medicare and education.

The one new thing we did learn at this stump speech was an interesting note about the President's relationship with his Vice President.

"Never, when he is asking me for my view, not once has he asked me for a political calculation of what we should do. Not once, not once. I have never seen him put his political future ahead of the country's future," said Biden.

The only mention Biden made of Wall Street Wednesday was defending the President's policy of cracking down on an industry that he described as a casino.