Betty Lou Davis

Betty Lou Davis Jones was nominated by her daughter Lillie:

"My mother, Betty Lou Davis Jones, had her first child at age of 42 and her second child three days before her 47th birthday. Betty was born in 1938 and lived through segregation and a depressed economy. She was involved in the Civil Rights Movement in Danville. As Betty approached her mid 50s and early 60s her children were adolescents and teenagers with their own interests. At 60-years-old Betty was out there playing softball with me. Betty had more energy and spunk than the other mothers half her age. Betty cooked 3 meals per day, 7 days per week, and even delivered her children's lunch to school on time daily.

By the time my brother was 17 and I was 12, my dad began to have strokes, thus sending him into dementia followed by Alzheimer's. Betty was able to take care of him, her 82-year-old mother, and continue to raise us.

Mommy had to bathe our daddy, feed our daddy, and often stay up for 20 out of 24 hours in day to make sure he didn't wander off. She never failed in her responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, deaconess or friend."