Luke and Bre

Bre Hoisington and Luke Pauley met in a yoga class at{} Virginia Tech and had a world-wind romance spanning from their homes in Virginia to France, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Germany.

On January 10, 2014, Bre made plans with her sister to have dinner at Waterstone Pizza. Once realizing her sister and nephew{}were late,{}she decided to head into the restaurant to grab a table. Halfway through the parking lot she heard a familiar voice say, "may I join{}you for dinner?" Turning around, Bre saw her Marine Corps Officer boyfriend, Luke! She hadn't expected to see him for several more months.

He asked if they had time to make a quick stop.{}They parked in front of the Bank of the James and{}headed to{}the roof. Little did Bre know, Luke had arranged earlier that week with the property manager to have roof top access. The{}pair took the elevator up to the top floor and walk up to the roof. As they took in the view of downtown Lynchburg and the James River,{} Luke drew Bre's attention to the warehouse roof of Amazement Square below. Spelled{}out in tea candles on the roof were the words "Marry me?"{} Getting down on one knee overlooking Lynchburg and{} the candles he had placed, Luke Pauley asked Bre Hoisington for her hand in marriage. She{}said "YES!"{}{}

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