Best Phone Apps to Help You Live Healthy

Reporter: Claudia Rupcich

We all try to stay fit and eat healthy, especially in the summer, and some of us even try to shed some pounds. Well now we have great tools at our finger tips that can help us achieve our goals.{}

With more than 10 million users, the app Runkeeper has been rated one of the top apps for both the iPhone and Android. It's the best way to track your runs, walks or bike rides using the GPS in your phone. You can see stats and progress on your runs, and even get coaching while you're working out. This app is great because it lets you control your music from the app. RunKeeper also lets you set goalslike being able to run 10 miles by a specific date.

NIKE Training Club is like having a personal trainer on your phone. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 85 custom-built workouts. Each workout has detailed instructions and audio support that will show you how to do each move. You can also set it to workout to your own playlists from your music library. This app is only available on the{}iPhone.

Healthy diet choices for in hand with exercising, and if you're trying to lose some weight, MyFitnessPal is the best app out there. This is the fastest and easiest way to count calories. MyFitnessPal has more than 1.5 million foods in its database. But if you can't find a particular food, you can always create your own. The personalized profile will keep track of your weight and exercise too. This app is available on the Android and iPhone.{}