Berglund Owner Fixes Slashed Tires, Police Still Investigating

Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Police are still looking for answers for some 30 car owners who had their tires slashed earlier this week.

The southeast section of town was hit the hardest.

Berglund Automotive Group Owner Bruce Farrell saw the news about these vehicles. When he realized that many belonged to residents of the Roanoke Rescue Mission, he made a call to his GM who basically gave him a blank check to help.

Farrell had nine vehicles towed into his shop and replaced some 21 tires, each costing between $100 and $200 so not an inexpensive choice but an easy one.

Wednesday morning, crews were replacing the last couple of tires from the group.

"We're part of the community and the community has been great to us for over 40 years. When you get people out there that need help it's great for us to be able to give a little bit back," said Robbie Brookshire/General Manager

The damaged vehicles were found along Elm Avenue, White Street and Fourth Street SE late Monday night.

After further investigation, more were found a few hours later. Investigators are looking for leads, so if you have any information, call Roanoke's CrimeLine at (540) 344-8500.