Hundreds Support Teen Who Needs Heart Transplant

Danville, VA-- The Danville community rallied together to support a 14-year-old that needs a heart transplant.

Jake Lee has been at Duke Hospital since early last month. Jake loves playing baseball, so the community decided to host a baseball game for his benefit.

It was called Home Run from the Heart, and it took place at Averett University's baseball stadium.

There were three games played throughout the day. Jake's own baseball team and the Danville Sheriff's Department participated.

"We've had people from all over the community come out, playing for Jake and supporting Jake," said one of the organizers, Emily Atkinson. "We've actually got a video camera going around here that one of the softball girls are taping. We're going to take it to Jake tomorrow to see the support from the community and his friends."

Organizers say they raised $3,000 from the event. All the proceeds go to Jake's medical expenses.