Belk's Mobile Mammography Unit Stops In Lynchburg

Talk to the people at Belk, and they'll tell you. The fight against breast cancer is more than just a fashionable cause to them. It's a battle they've put their dollars and hearts behind.

One look at the massive 39-foot trailer says it all: The Belk Mobile Mammography Unit is covering a lot of ground.

The 39-foot trailer is part of Belk's $6 million dollar investment in the fight against breast cancer. Since the beginning of the tour in 2013, more than 5 thousand women have taken advantage of the screenings, diagnosing more than 20 cases of breast cancer. Lynchburg Store Manager Tenisha Bridges says it's a fight that hits close to home for the store. Bridges notes that "We do have a number of survivors, and we've lost lots of loved ones in the company. We're losing a lot of lives to this illness, and we want to make sure that we can get the screenings done early."

"According to, about 85% of breast cancers occur in women with no history of the disease in their family. With nearly 300,000 new cases being diagnosed every year, it makes this test, and early detection, all the more important.

While the Lynchburg event may be winding down, Bridges knows the fight doesn't stop here. "To educate the community, and to encourage women to actually get the screening early is what our mission is here, and we are going to carry that out today."

Belk says about 40 women visited the mobile unit at River Ridge Mall. The mobile unit pulls into Roanoke's Valley View Mall on Thursday. The screenings are free, but an appointment is required.

Visit Belk.Com/Pink for more details on the tour, and on how to make an appointment.