Behind the Scenes of Romney Rally: Role of Security Officers

Lynchburg, VA - Law enforcement officers have plenty of experience with campaign rallies.

Some of the security officers at Monday's Romney rally have been to more than two dozen presidential rallies this season.

It's not every day you meet the president or possible president of the United States, but for Derek Tyree and his K-9, it's just another day on the job.

"We've gotten to meet Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the President," said Tyree.

Overtime is just another perk, especially for state police officers in a very important swing state.

"I've been averaging about 10-15 hours of overtime. So, anywhere from $200 to $300," said Derrick Thompson.

The crowd at Romney's rally in Lynchburg was just the finished product. Behind the scenes, there are hours and days of planning. For law enforcement, it can mean opportunities of a lifetime.

Tom Fairchild has met Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan so far.

"It is a little exciting. But, our primary focus and our concern while we're out here working is the safety of the crowd."

Before Romney took to the podium at Virginia Aviation, paramedics with Campbell County Public Safety were breaking through the crowd.

When you're talking about an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 people -- fainting is always a risk.

"We had one person that was transported earlier this morning. And then we did have another patient that was transported. And we also treated one that remained on scene," said Michelle Turner, deputy director of public safety.

But overall, first responders say Romney's trip to Lynchburg went smoothly. And they're getting out the photo albums because come Election Day, these opportunities will end.

"I'm hoping after today we get a little time off," said Tyree.

Last time Romney was in Lynchburg, he met with Trooper Dan Wilson, the state police officer run over on Route 29 in April. His friends say the two talked for a while, and it was an experience he won't forget.