Bedford Sinkhole Expected to be Fixed Tuesday

Bedford, VA - One lane of Route 460 near Bedford is still closed, after a sinkhole took out part of the road Sunday.

VDOT estimates it could be sometime Tuesday before drivers can use the right eastbound lane of 460 near the Applebee's.

The hole has been filled, but the asphalt needs plenty of time to cool and set before drivers can pass over the road again.

About 15,000 vehicles pass through Bedford on Route 460 on any given day.

John Moore's F-250 pickup was one of them on Saturday.

"When I come through, it was a pretty good jolt," Moore said.

Moore is a Bedford firefighter and makes the trip along 460 in Bedford daily. Sometimes he travels in his truck, other times in a fire truck. He says the trip is usually pretty smooth.

"When I looked at the rearview mirror, looking at the truck in back of me, you could actually see depression or the start of the sinkhole in the road itself. It was almost as wide as the lane was. I'd probably say it was a good four to six inches when I come through, at least starting to sink," Moore said.

Moore admits he got a sinking feeling, so to speak.

"I was thinking to myself, it's probably going to be a sinkhole," Moore said.

By Sunday afternoon, the right eastbound lane of 460 was an open road in one regard, yet closed to traffic. The sinkhole had grown to 10 feet deep and five feet wide.

Several calls to 911 were made by people who happened to either see or hit the hole.

"It's a big sinkhole there. I hit it and it jarred our car," a caller said.

"It's a big ole hole," another caller said.

"There's a sinkhole in the right lane that would swallow a Volkswagen Beetle," said a third caller.

"This is something that does happen from time to time. This one is just a little bit more out in the open because of where it occurred," said VDOT's Jamie Smith.

Smith says two storm water pipes from the 1950s or 1960s came apart underneath the highway.

"The water, the runoff, trying to get through that pipe may have caused the erosion to happen a little more quickly, but it's something that probably would have happened anyway," Smith said.

VDOT says the pipes will be replaced later at a different nearby location, to limit the impact to traffic on 460.

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