Bedford Reverts to Town on Monday, Changes to Utility Bills

Bedford, VA - The city of Bedford will officially become the town of Bedford Monday, July 1.

There are a few things will be different for residents as soon as Bedford reverts to town status, becoming part of Bedford County.

One big difference is that the town will no longer provide or bill for water and sewer. Instead, residents will be billed by the Bedford Regional Water Authority that will serve both the town and county.

Starting July 1, residents will receive a water bill from the BRWA and an electric bill from the town of Bedford.

But besides that and a few smaller changes, things will continue as they are now.

Bedford's website did change a couple of days ago, making a big announcement that they are "now the town of Bedford."

You can find more information on these changes to the utility bills here.

Get details on the reversion here.