Bedford Primary, Thaxton Parents Make Last Plea Before School Board Decision

Bedford Co., VA - An emotional speech from one Thaxton Elementary mother as she describes a teacher's role in her child's life."I had a meeting with several members of staff, including teachers that were willing to help my child succeed," said the mother, wiping away tears from her eye.It's that type of night as parents and teachers flooded Liberty High School's auditorium to send one last message to the Bedford County School District: don't close our school.

The public hearing stemmed from a state-mandated efficiency study in May, which recommended that the County close two schools. Over the summer, the board voted to closed Body Camp Elementary. Now it's down to Thaxton and Bedford Primary. Last week, Bedford school board officials toured both elementary schools.

"I'm looking for the right decision to be made, mainly what's best for the kids and not personal interests," said Nick Hicks, a Beford Primary supporter.

At the podium, Thanxton Elementary parents touted their students' high SOL scores, the school's gym and small class sizes. The school currently has 193 students, while Bedford Primary has 281.Parents say Bedford Primary sits on a much larger property."There's available land to be used for expansion and a gymnasium can be built," said Susan Kirby, a Bedford Primary parent. "There's only one mobile unit on the campus and that unit is currently being used for storage.""I feel bad really for both schools. I mean I think the best solution would to keep them both open," said Kathy Lloyd, whose granddaughter goes to Thaxton.