Bedford Police Step Up Efforts to Reduce Drunk Driving

Bedford, VA - If you are arrested in Bedford for DUI this New Year's, don't be surprised if you end up on the police department's Facebook page.

"Posting a photograph I'm sure is embarrassing for those that are arrested, but I would rather ruin their day than for them to ruin someone's life," said Chief James Day.

The police chief came up with the idea as part of Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. They've received so much feedback on four mug shots that the posts may continue.

The posts have drawn some criticism though, because the people are charged and not yet convicted.

Chief Day say to consider the numbers.

Last year, 245 people died in alcohol-related crashes, 5,400 were injured and more than 28,000 people were convicted of DUI.

That's in the state of Virginia alone.

The chief says his goal is to reach you before your car ends up somewhere else, like an impound lot.

This is the first year a towing company is offering a New Year's Eve special. The price is $50 dollars, which gets you and your car home in one piece.

"Central Virginia's had a really rough year for fatalities anyway and hopefully people will take advantage of this situation or use cabs, what have you, to get home safe rather than starting the New Year off wrong," said Kevin Jones with Bee Line Towing.