Bedford Police Ready for 'Click It or Ticket' Campaign

Bedford, VA - The media blitz for the annual "Click It or Ticket" campaign will begin next week, but one crash this week in Bedford said more than police can about the importance of buckling up.

The crash was captured by a dashcam and the man who walked away with his life:

"Bedford all city county units BOL 460 westbound there at the State Police office for a small silver SUV traveling eastbound in the westbound lane."

The officer driving the cruiser with dashcam rolling knew what to look for Tuesday night: The moment of impact.

"Vehicle struck another vehicle," said the officer in the video.

"Even though it's a sideswipe, there was a tremendous amount of impact," said Captain Jim Bennett.

Bennett says the wrong way driver was doing about 60, and the other driver was doing 50.

"If it had been closer to a head-on, it would have been a 110 mph crash for both victims," he said.

Edward Davis, 73, got out of his Ford Explorer with only a few bruises from a busted airbag.

"I was wearing my seat belt," he said.

The 20-year-old in his lane also walked away. She told police she too was wearing her seat belt. They call that man and the other driver living proof, the perfect testimony as police launch their annual seat belt campaign."

"It's pretty evident seat belts do save lives," said Bennett.

You can take it from an officer who too often has seen these stories end very badly, and from someone who lived to tell you:

"Please wear your seat belts. It's very, very important to do. Cause they do save lives. I know," said Davis.

Nicole Daniel from North Carolina is charged with reckless driving in that crash.

Davis is nominated for the Saved by the Belt Award.

Police will have a check-point set up this coming Thursday. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Monacan Bridge on Route 29 at the Campbell County/Amherst County line. Officers will be giving warnings to those not wearing seat belts. The following week is the zero tolerance enforcement week.