Bedford Museum Railroad Display Entertains Kids of All Ages

Bedford, VA - Kids of all ages came out to the Bedford Museum today to feast their eyes on the annual "O" Gauge model railroad display.

The display is set up and run by the Bedford Central Railroad Group.

It features a double track, tunnel and trestle, complete with village scenes.

"They've got that really cool double tunnel and the trestle and the little villages. It's just, it's a lot of neat stuff." said Jennifer Thomson, Spokesperson for the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library.

"You kind of appreciate the train layouts, and you appreciate the hard work that goes into it and it's the details," Thompson added.

It's the small details that make the display come to life.

"Oh did you see that dog what it was doing to the fire hydrant? Oh did you see the person chopping down the tree?"

Whether it's the lights, or the trains, visitors are taking it all in.

"Oh I love to watch the steam train go by with the smoke coming out," said Grandparents Connie and Fred Canova.

The railroad display keeps bringing people back.

"People in their 80s and 90s that come up every year just to sit and watch," )said Nelson Wilmer, president of the Bedford Central Railroad Group.

"Probably be back again at Christmas," the Canovas added.

Connie and Fred Canova are frequent visitors to the display.

And so is their grandson, Benjamin.

"We just know he loves trains. He's been on train rides, he's been to the train museum in Roanoke, and been on the trains there," they said. "He has Thomas trains at home, has loads of them. And grandma and grandpa give him quite a few too."

The love of locomotives is being passed on from one generation to another, being kept alive by curiosity and a youthful spirit.

"We're all kids at heart," President, Bedford Central Railroad Group Nelson Wilmer said.

"I'm a kid at heart, that's all, haha," the Cavovas joked.