Bedford Coyote Lottery Winner Recognized

Bedford, VA - A Bedford man got recognition Friday for his efforts in helping to thin out the coyote population. A lottery program came about when the community started complaining about coyotes killing their livestock and even beloved pets.

The Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Board got sponsorships from local organizations. 76-year-old Ray Turpin won the lottery and will get $2,000. He killed 30 coyotes this season. 100 coyotes were collected in total.

"A lot of people don't realize it, but coyotes really like small dogs and cats," said Vice Chair Bedford Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Board Don Gardner. "We really do the county a favor whether they realize it or not. Because they are a predator and they will take whatever they get a hold of," said Lottery Winner Ray Turpin.

Organizers were not only proud of the success of the program, but also in the fact that no taxpayer dollars were used.