Bedford County's Norma Powers is Our Area's 'Top Mom'

Bedford Co., VA - The votes are in and Norma Powers of Bedford County is ABC 13's Top Mom.

Only seven votes separated the winner and runner-up.

The school bus stops. Two teenaged girls, Jessie and Cassie, are home.

When Jessie came to live with Norma Powers five years ago...

"She's like what would you like for dinner? That was her first question," said Jessie.

Now, supper and Norma are waiting every night for Jessie and Cassie.

There's no telling how many meals Norma's cooked and mouths she's fed.

"If I had to guess, I may say 25 or 30. Maybe even more than that," said Norma.

That's over her more than 40 years taking in foster children while she and her husband raised two of their own.

On their mantle are pictures of the children and grandchildren who've filled their home.

"I made no difference between the foster children and the biological children. Once the child was in my home, they were always my kids," she said. "We just call them our grandkids. The word foster, we just don't use that in the house."

You won't hear that word within these walls, but there is something you will find in large supply.

"God did so much for me. He gave me enough love that I've got so much love to give to these kids," said Norma.

To give her something in return, Jessie entered Norma in the Top Mom contest.

"Top Mom would hardly describe my mom. As odd as this sounds, she wasn't always my mom," she wrote in the submission. "She didn't have to take me into her home and life but she did."

"I hope that in her heart she knows that I am very thankful. I try to show her that in everything I can do here," said Jessie.

"She helped me get my life pretty much on track. I mean, I was a wreck. It was horrible. She showed me what real parents were like. What a real household was supposed to be like and that there was a person there that really cared about me and that was amazing," said Cassie.

Amazing is also how Norma describes these two young ladies.

"I did something right. I did something right," said Norma.

To deserve words like these.

"I may not have a birth mom in my life but I have Grammy a true mom in my heart," Jessie wrote in the nomination.