Bedford County Sheriff Fires Investigator

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta Goin

Bedford County, VA - Bedford County Investigator Joshua Hubbard was fired Friday for allegedly driving the wrong way down Route 29 drunk. Now, the Bedford community says they're disappointed in the man who vowed to protect them.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office has stayed tight-lipped on the Hubbard case. All week the Sheriff's office had said it was a personnel matter that is under investigation. But Friday, the Sheriff sent a clear message -- allegations of driving drunk will not be tolerated.

Friday we tried talking to Hubbard about the allegations at his home. Hubbard answered the door, identified himself, but then refused to comment.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown said for six years, Hubbard served the community and made the right choices. This week, he says, Hubbard made a bad one.

"We all have choices in this life and, unfortunately, Mr. Hubbard made the wrong one on Sunday morning," said Sheriff Brown.

"Everybody makes choices and he obviously made a choice to be in the law enforcement and then he obviously made a choice to drink and drive," said Paula Duncan, Bedford resident.

Duncan says all and all county law enforcement protect and serve. But, she says, the ones who slip-up should pay the price.

"He needs to be treated the same as we would be treated," said Duncan.

Resident Brian Carson was surprised to hear the allegations that Hubbard was going the wrong way down Route 29.

"Tell you the truth, I would think I was going the wrong way. I mean, it's a cop. Yeah know what I'm saying. You would have never thought a cop would go the wrong way down the road," said Carson.

Especially one colleague Sheriff Brown describes as "a good investigator. He didn't know the meaning of going home."

But, after the Sheriff's office kicked him out, home is exactly where we found Hubbard. While his former boss was back in the office picking up the pieces.

"I would like to emphasize that this is one individual and should not reflect on the high degree of professionalism and devotion to duty of the rest of the department," said Brown.

Sheriff Brown says Hubbard can appeal the decision to let him go.

Right now, Hubbard's charged with DUI, reckless driving and refusing a breathalyzer test; he is due in court for a hearing April 11th.