Bedford Co. Parents Fired Up Over Superintendent Contract

Bedford Co.,VA- The Bedford County school board is under fire from several concerned parents. They say the school board is rushing to renew the Superintendent's contract. They are also upset two appointed board members will have a say in that decision.

A battle is brewing between the Bedford County School board and a group of fired up parents. And at the center of this fight is Doctor Douglas Schuch's contract.

"The Superintendent's total package is quite significant and it should not be taken lightly," said Kristy Milton, a concerned Bedford County parent.

Milton says Dr. Schuch's contract also should not be negotiated on by the two appointed board members Jennifer Merritt, and Doctor John Hicks.

Parents want Doctor Schuch's contract to be discussed with people they put in office.

"We're kind of like forced to fund something we had no vote in," said Milton.

The chairman of the Board admits the board has discussed Dr. Schuch's contract, but no actions were taken. Parents are wondering why they didn't know about it.

"The people should have been aware with not the terms of his contract, but the fact that they were negotiating that contract," said Candace Adkins, a concerned parent from Body Camp.

The chairman says the superintendent's contract is always discussed in a closed meeting. Parents say they just want more transparency and communication.

"There has to be a better relationship between the school board and the parents. There has to be. That is something that needs to be mended," said Adkins.

Doctor Schuch would comment on this issue. Some parents are also upset that Dr. Hicks was appointed in a closed session. These types of appointments are supposed to be done in open sessions.

The Chairman of the board says Dr. Hick's appointment will be discussed at the Bedford County School Board meeting on Thursday.