Bedford County Offers Coyote Lottery

Bedford Co., VA - The Bedford County Agricultural Economic Development Board is using a $2,000 jackpot to entice hunters and trappers to kill coyotes.

The prize, paid for entirely by local businesses and organizations, will be awarded at a drawing March 2 at the Bedford Southern States. Hunters and trappers get one entry for each coyote killed, with no limit to the number of entries.

James Young, a Bedford County cattle breeder, lost 20 calves last year from predators. It was a major loss of income.

"We have 3 or $400 in a calf before it's ever born," said Young. "An average bull in our sale is $3,000."

Participants must provide the address where the coyote was killed, to prove it was in Bedford County. The coyote lottery committee reserves the right to disqualify anyone in violation of the rules.

The contest runs from now until March 1.

You can get all the rules and check stations here.