Bedford Co. Teachers Upset About Supervisor's Comments

Bedford Co., VA - The words used by one Bedford County supervisor to express her opinion on teacher pay raises has teachers wanting to hear two more words: "I'm sorry."

The teachers say the comments made by Annie Pollard on Monday were unprofessional.

Supervisor Annie Pollard admitted Monday night she was tired of hearing from Bedford County teachers, asking the Board of Supervisors for a pay raise.

Recordings from the meeting show what Pollard said:

"After the public hearing and the listening to all the school teachers, the crap we took from them," said Pollard.

"That public hearing was about one of the most professional public hearings that I have attended in the last two years," said Cheryl Sprouse, president of the county's education association.

The word Pollard used to describe that meeting isn't one Sprouse allows students to say in her classroom.

"Absolutely not. In fact when we hear it, we'll say, 'No. Stop.' That's inappropriate,'" said Sprouse.

But it's Pollard's name calling that has Sprouse and teachers across the county asking for an apology.

"If you're asking me to rob taxpayers that can't afford a lot of them to pay what they're paying already, to pay a bunch of cry babies that's not going to happen," said Pollard in the meeting.

"We may be cry babies, but we're the most professional cry babies that we probably have that she's talking about," said Sprouse. "She's there to listen to our needs. We don't always expect to get it. But if we don't ask, how is she going to know we want a raise?"

Sprouse doesn't know for sure if they'll get a raise or an apology, but this language arts teacher has a vocabulary word for Pollard.

"Respect. Respect. With capital letters," said Sprouse.

Bedford County School Board chairman Gary Hostutler says Pollard's comments toward teachers he describes as dedicated professionals were uncalled for, especially when we teach children not to name call. The school board could approve a 3% employee raise at a meeting next week.