Bedford Co. Supervisors Asked to Hire New Tourism Director

Bedford Co., VA - Tourism stakeholders in Bedford County asked the Board of Supervisors Monday to act quickly to hire a new tourism director.

Sergei Troubetzkoy left the position in Bedford to become Lynchburg's tourism director at the beginning of the July.

Those involved in tourism say the Bedford area has been successfully marketed at a tourist destination and they don't want to lose momentum.

"Organizations like ours rely very heavily on that partnership, because we don't have a large marketing budget," said April Cheek-Messier, President of The National D-Day Memorial Foundation. "We really rely on working with our tourism departments regionally, to help us in promoting what we do."

The board was also approached Monday by Prototype: Tourism. The Bedford County company is led by Beckie Nix, Lynchburg's former tourism director. Nix and her team left their jobs in Lynchburg when the city took over the tourism program from the chamber of commerce. They have worked with regional destinations including those in Bedford County.

Board of Supervisors chairman John Sharp said Prototype's services could allow the county to at least bridge the gap, but the company can't be hired unless the board puts out a request for proposals.

Sharp says there is no time frame for hiring a new director. The position is not yet posted on the county's human resources website.