Bedford Co. Students to Build Habitat for Humanity Homes

Bedford, VA - Bedford Science and Technology Center students will soon be building homes for Habitat for Humanity. The organization and school signed a partnership agreement Thursday.

Homes previously built by the Building Construction students have been sold. The school administrator says selling the homes can be a challenge. Under the partnership, the houses will be completed for Bedford County families selected by Habitat for Humanity. Those families will also be involved in the building process.

"The kids will be able to see a family that needs a home, that they're helping," said Habitat for Humanity Vice President Gardner Simpkins.

"I think it's really cool to be able to help people out and everything. We'll get to build the house and give it to them," said Hunter Toms, a student in the program. "We're all excited to start building it. We've been waiting on it."

The student built houses meet the same inspection requirements as any other house built today.

Habitat also has new green building standards, to keep utility costs low for families. The students will be learning the latest green building techniques.