Bedford Co. Store Owner Bob Terry Targeted Again

Bedford Co., VA - Nearly two years after a Bedford County store owner was nearly killed during a robbery outside his store, he's the victim of yet another robbery.

Bob Terry was nearly killed in 2011 when as he was leaving his store one night. He was attacked and nearly beaten to death.

Just this past Thursday, a man came into the store and stole $150 worth of knives.

Many in the community say that Bob Terry would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him.

"This fellow came in and said he wanted to look at some pocket knives," Terry said.

Terry reached behind his counter and pulled out his selection of pocket knives.

"He says I'd like to have these two, and wanted to know what I wanted for them. I gave him a price, and he said can you do any better. I said yeah and then I knocked off 5 dollars," Terry continued.

Terry says the man then left the store.

About 15 minutes later Terry says the man returned and said he was still interest in two of the knives, so Terry pulled the two knives back out.

"About that time I either turned my head, or answered the phone, I don't remember which, and when I did that he scooped them up and went out the door," Terry said.

Terry says the man jumped into a car, driven by a woman, and took off.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office responded, and released a surveillance photo of the suspect.

Terry says things had been pretty quiet since his near death experience two years ago.

Last week, however Terry says someone tried to break into the store one night while it was closed.

"They broke the glass out of that, just big enough to where they could reach in behind there, thinking they could turn the dead bolt. Well all of my dead bolts work with keys only," Terry said.

Terry's customers say they wish people would leave Mr. Terry alone.

"It's really sorry to think that people are going around and doing this nice old man like that. This dude would give his back for anybody, and it's just sorry," said customer Ryan Johnson.

In all the two knives cost about $150.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office at 540-586-7827.