Bedford Co. Seeking Input on Combating Coyote Population

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Steven Smith

Bedford Co., VA- Bedford County wants a plan to deal with coyotes. At Monday's supervisors meeting, an expert with the USDA's Wildlife Services will offer suggestions for keeping their population under control.

Bedford County only has a few sightings a year, but they want to how to handle this going forward. Right now, local trappers are counted on to reduce the coyote population. In the past, the county has considered instituting a bounty program paying people to shoot and kill them.

USDA officials will offer reasons why they believe bounty programs do not work in Monday's meeting. Wildlife officials say these programs rarely kill enough coyotes to affect a population. Meanwhile, extension agents say there are things you homeowners can do to keep them away.

"If you have pets, don't leave food outside because coyotes being opportunistic are looking for one of three things one is food, one is habitat, and one is shelter," said Scott Baker, the extension agent for Bedford County.

Extension agents say people should be alarmed if they see frequent coyotes or if they see one acting aggressively.

The meeting starts Monday at 7:30 p.m. at the Bedford County Administration Building.