Bedford Co. Public Officials React to Recent Violence

Bedford Co., VA - Recent murders in the law enforcement community have local officials on high alert.

First the prison chief in Colorado. Then, a prosecutor and his wife in Texas. And Wednesday, the Sheriff in Mingo County, West Virginia.

ABC 13 spoke with both Bedford County's Sheriff and Commonwealth's Attorney. The men both say you can't back down when you're in this line of work, as they are both sworn to protect the community.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown is about as recognizable as it gets in local law enforcement. Always in front of an issue and a camera when there's a major crime.

Randy Krantz takes it from there, prosecuting those criminals as the County's Commonwealth's Attorney. Both jobs are high profile, and both jobs are high risk.

"The nature of a prosecutor's work is to deal with dangerous people, even otherwise non-dangerous people who are in stressful situations," said Krantz.

"The ones of us who are in the business, just like the military, you know it's a dangerous business. You can't dwell on it. If you do, as I said earlier, you're going to be ineffective," said Brown.

Brown and Krantz have worked as a team since the 1990s, putting criminals behind bars. In all those years there have only been two threats. One against Brown, one against Krantz's family.

"Somebody actually called and made a direct threat to my family. That turned out not to be a viable threat, but it does bother you," said Krantz.

Bottom line: both men say they would not let fear keep them from going after someone.

Krantz is taking steps to train his staff on how to be aware of their surroundings and vigilant. Brown expects the recent murders to be a topic at the annual sheriff's conference next week.