Bedford Co. Hunter Kills Deer on 100th Birthday

Bedford Co., VA - An Evington man celebrated his 100th birthday by shooting his fifth deer of the hunting season.

"I don't go fast. I have to take my time," said Clyde Roberts, as he climbed into a tree stand on his farm Monday.

Roberts stopped getting in a hurry years ago. He didn't start hunting until he retired from Bedford's rubber plant at age 65. Roberts turned 100 on October 29. The afternoon of his birthday, he grabbed his muzzleloader and headed out to a field he cleared years before for hunting.

"I shot a nice deer," said Roberts. "That was the one I'd been wanting to kill."

The 8-pointer had a 19-inch spread. It was Roberts third buck of the season, his fifth deer for the year.

"I thought I done pretty good for an old man," said Roberts.

"His eyesight is extremely good and he still shoots very well," said Mike Roberts, Clyde Roberts' son.

Mike Roberts says his father is better than a lot of the hunters he's guided over the years out west. This fall Mike didn't take his yearly trip to Montana. He wanted to be in the tree stand with his father, on his dad's 100th birthday.

"I've always heard if you set down once you retire, that your life starts to go downhill," said Mike Roberts.

Twenty feet above the ground in a tree stand seemed like a better option for Clyde Roberts. The doctor now says it's fine.

"He said I don't think you got no business going up a tree stand on a ladder," said Clyde Roberts. "Then I went to him this last fall and he checked me out. He said that ole heart's been a hitting for a long time and it don't sound too bad. I'm going to tell you to just do what you feel like you wanna do."

If his good health continues, there's one thing Roberts wants to do for his next birthday.

"Might try to kill another one," said Roberts.