Bedford Co. Geese Will Be Taken Away

Bedford Co., VA - A judge ruled Monday afternoon in a case that pitted neighbor against neighbor in Bedford County, with a flock of geese caught in the middle.

The judge denied a request for an injunction that would have kept the geese at Lake Vista from being killed.

An attorney for the Lake Vista Property Owner's Association argued they didn't have time to wait, that you have to round up the geese between now and mid-July when they're shedding their feathers and can't fly.

The decision to kill the birds, which the board says are a health hazard for people living at Lake Vista, was made in February.

The association's attorney says the defendants picked now to sue, as a strategy.

The association's president, Lee Doyle, says there's also misinformation about what will happen to the birds.

"They will not be gassed. They will be rounded up and they will be sent to a processing center just like any Perdue chicken would be. Then the meat is distributed to zoos around the country," Doyle said.

With the judge ruling in the association's favor, Doyle says the community manager will be in touch with the USDA rep in Christiansburg to schedule a round up date as soon as possible.