Bedford Co. Dispatcher Leads Family to Firefighters

Bedford Co., VA - A 2-year-old stopped breathing as his family drove down 221 in Forest Saturday, and a 911 dispatcher directed them to help.

The man told the dispatcher he was passing Kroger on 221 on his way to the Forest Volunteer Fire Department on Thomas Jefferson Road.

Stefanie Lugar, the dispatcher, remembered there was no one at the fire station. The firefighters were on standby at the Chocolate Fest, being held at the Kroger shopping center.

"You can go to Kroger. There are firemen there. I can have them out of the building in there with you right now," said Lugar to the caller on the 911 recording.

"They had marked up probably a half an hour before that," said Lugar. "I knew that they were there."

Lugar told the driver to go back to Kroger.

"Go all the way to the front of Kroger as fast as you can and pull into the fire lane," said Lugar to the caller.

The waiting firefighters were told to look for the family's white, F-350 pickup.

"They came pulling up and cut through the traffic," said Ryan Whidden, a firefighter/EMT. "They had their flashers on and we immediately knew it was them."

"I could hear the firemen talking," said Lugar. "I knew they were on the way to meet him, so I knew everything was going to be OK."The child started breathing again on the way to meet the firefighters. The caller said the boy had seizures in the car. He was taken in an ambulance to the hospital to be checked out.