Bedford Co. Boy Scout Becomes Sister's Hero

Bedford Co., VA - A Bedford County teen is being called a hero after using his Boy Scout first aid training on his injured sister.

Andy Craig, 14, and his sister Carrie Craig, 11, were riding their bikes on trails at Douthat State Park during a family camping trip in July.

"I heard her and I cut across to meet her and she was just moaning and screaming," said Andy Craig.

Carrie's bike had hit a bump, catapulting her over her handlebars.

"My handlebars twisted. So my thigh went up there. So the lever hit me and went in," said Carrie Craig.

The handle brake lever had plunged into Carrie's leg. Carrie was covered in blood when Andy found her.

"I just immediately ripped off my shirt because I thought she had pierced an artery," said Andy. "I just wrapped it around as tightly as I could and pressed down hard on it. All the while holding her hand and telling her it was going to be alright to keep her from going into shock."

"It wasn't life threatening, but she did lose a lot of blood. They estimated she lost at least a pint," said Eddie Craig, Andy and Carrie's Father.

Eddie has been taking Andy to Boy Scout meetings since Andy was in first grade. Now the high school freshman has a collection of merit badges and is well on his way to Eagle Scout. He earned his first aid badge about three years ago.

"I told him I was very proud of him and I told him that I wasn't surprised," said Jack Jones, Jr., the assistant scout master who taught Andy first aid.

"I asked him if he was scared and he was a little scared but he just used the training he was familiar with and he did what he knew was right."

"Sometimes you ask yourself, are they really paying attention? Apparently they are," said Eddie Craig.

"She thanked me and gave me a hug, which is a little strange for Carrie," said Andy.

Carrie doesn't have a badge, but started sixth grade with a scar to show her friends. It's her badge of honor. Carrie says she's impressed by her brother's skills and is glad he was there. Andy says Carrie was a great patient. He says she listened to his instructions and calmed down.

Andy believes his skills are just like riding a bike. He'd know exactly what to do, if he ever had to do it again.

"So they kept on calling me a hero. I really don't think I'm that much of a hero because every Boy Scout can do this," said Andy. "We all know this. It's something that everyone should really learn."