Bedford Business Owner Explains Day of Mourning

Bedford, VA- The owner of the business in Bedford that closed up shop after Election Day, is speaking out.

Lyons Jewelers has gotten a lot of attention -- for not only closing its doors for a day, but for posting signs in its windows scolding America for re-electing President Obama.

Ray Lyons says he does not regret what he did. He says it helped him cope with losing the America he used to know. But other business owners say that kind of expression is what's breaking America apart.

"I think it's foolish and I found it offensive. As a small business owner I found it very offensive," said Kathy McGary, another small business owner in Bedford.

McGary says there's no room for politics in her shop.

"The rest of us just got up Wednesday morning and said OK, back to business. We opened our doors for customers as usual," she said.

Something Ray Lyons says he just couldn't bring himself to do.

"I wanted to mourn. That's what I felt like I needed to do, was to mourn the loss of the American way that I had known. It just doesn't seem to be that way anymore," said Lyons.

Lyons also posted several signs. One said, "Shame on the U.S.A. and VA."

"I did write down what I was feeling, and put it on the door for people to seeIt's what I still feel and that's who I am, and what I was feeling at the moment. And it actually helped me to do that," he said.

It may have helped Lyons, but others say it was hurtful and inappropriate.

"If I voted differently, which I did, if I voted differently, then that makes me a bad person and not a good American," said McGary.

Lyons says he has no problem with Democratic voters, just the policies of our Democratic president. He says President Obama has made it tough for small businesses to survive.

"These days if you're in business today, that's a successful story," said Lyons.

McGary says she's been struggling as well, but says it's no reason to use such divisive language.

"We're all Americans. And we should all work together regardless of our party affiliation," she said.