Bedford Business Closes for a Day in Response to Election

Bedford, VA - Many people are upset by the results of Tuesday night's presidential race, and they've been expressing themselves in all different ways.

Lyons Jewelers in Bedford closed for the day Wednesday in response to the election. They shut their doors and left a message for all to see. They posted signs in the windows--one saying "Shame on the U.S.A. and Virginia," another issuing a warning that even harder times are ahead for small businesses.

"My husband's done business with Mr. Lyons for many years and really has a great relationship with him, we love them they have great service, and we hope that they will continue to stay open," said Lisa Martin, a Lyons Jewelers customer.

According to the signs Lyons will stay open, to "fight against a president that seeks my demise."

Closing the day after elections was a statement made clear by the messages in the windows.

Those posters earned Lyons Jewelers some heavy drive-by traffic and some hefty opinions.

"We've been through this in our history, in the 60s and 70s and the civil rights period. And it's just a big step backwards," said Peter Givens, a man against the store's signs.

"I think he's just trying to make a statement that it is getting more difficult for small businesses," said Lisa Martin.

"He's claiming that the small business, which he is, is going to get shut down by Obama. I just think it's, it's just sad. He shouldn't, now's not the time to do stuff like this," said Givens.

"People can make their own choice about whether to go in or not. But he has the right to you know, actually make his statement," said Martin.

We were not able to get in touch with the owner of Lyons Jewelers Wednesday, we left several messages. We still don't know the reasoning behind his decision to close for the day, or post all those signs.

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