Becoming Mayor on Amherst's Main Street

Amherst, VA - The town of Amherst elected a new mayor Tuesday night, but it wasn't much of an upset.

Paul Kilgore, the vice mayor, ran unopposed. But here's the neat part of this story: He isn't the first member of his family to have the title.

Exactly 100 years ago, his grandfather was the second mayor of Amherst.

Kilgore considers it an honor to be the face of his hometown, but he has plenty of work ahead.

"I told people all I had to get was more write-in votes than Mickey Mouse," said Kilgore.

Kilgore didn't need all of the 897 votes to win the election, but congratulations from friends and business owners on Main Street have poured in.

"It's nice to come into the town and actually be able to talk to the elected officials," said Chad Eby.'

Eby is the president of the clock factory in town, a small business owner.

Amherst's Main Street may remind you of Mayberry, but it faces its own challenges.

"When people turn on their water tap they expect clean, fresh water to come out of the tap," said Kilgore.

Kilgore has a plan to replace miles of 80-year-old sewer lines. He also hopes to create more jobs to give his hometown a better future.

"And provide opportunities for people to stay here and grow up here like I did."

Kilgore's a retired firefighter, small business owner and real estate broker. He wanted to follow in his grandfather's footsteps as a way to give back.

A local merchant did threaten Kilgore's election. Skippy Brown, the owner of Charlie's Chicken, had planned to launch a write-in campaign and give everyone who voted for him a free piece of chicken. Fortunately, for Kilgore, he didn't get organized soon enough.