Bear Spotted in Appomattox Co.

Appomattox, VA - Bears are back out in Central Virginia. Several sightings have been reported out in Appomattox County along Police Tower road.

Diane Austin snapped pictures at around 6:30 Tuesday evening, and described the moment as "beautiful."

Austin told ABC 13 the mama bear crossed the road first, but her three babies did not. So mama bear turned around, crossed the road again, picked one up in her mouth and the rest followed.

Animal Control says Black bears are not typically aggressive, as long as they're not provoked.

"Just to see them is kind of neat. You just want to give them their space and let them get out of here," said Todd Jones, chief of Lynchburg Animal Control.

To keep bears at bay, Animal Control suggests bringing any food or trash inside. Leaving it outdoors could attract an array of wild animals, not just bears.

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