Bear Released Into the Wild After Roaming Through South Boston

Pittsylvania County, VA - It was a sight many folks in Halifax County won't soon forget.

Last month, a black bear wandered into a South Boston neighborhood and found himself stuck in a tree at Halifax County Middle School.

Locals came out by the dozens last month to see the bear.

"It was wandering around and got into an area where it couldn't escape safely, " said District Wildlife Biologist Dan Lovelace.

Wildlife experts subdued the bear to get him down, then took him to the Wildlife Center in Waynesboro.

Policy prevents bears with tranquilizer drugs possibly lingering in their systems from being released into the wild during bear hunting season, to protect humans.

"Now that that season is over with, we're able to take the bear back to where it came from, " said Lovelace.

The bear was reluctant at first when presented with the chance to return home, but after becoming aware of his surroundings, he leapt from the truck and ran into the wild.

Lovelace says he should easily readapt.

"This particular wildlife management area has very good opportunities for this bear. The habitat is good; it has a lot of food resources. It should do fine, " Lovelace said.

Now he hopes the little bear will be content with staying in his own habitat, after his 15 seconds of fame.

Hopefully there won't be any more bears roaming around in South Boston, but if you do encounter a wild animal in a residential area, contact local Animal Control or the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.