Beacon Credit Union Warns About Texting Scam

Lynchburg, VA - There is new information about a text message you may have received on your phone from someone claiming to be from Beacon Credit Union.

The Lynchburg-based business says it isn't from them and if you fall for the scam it can cause quite a headache.

A spokesman for the credit union says their member services department has been working overtime to answer questions about this latest round of phishing attack.

When Marina Pillow got a text on her cell phone from someone claiming to be with Beacon Credit Union, she was worried.

"The first thing you think is your account's been compromised," Pillow explained.

The message she received said 'Beacon CU' and the number was from a 443 area code. The out-of-town phone number was a red flag for Pillow, but not her daughter who ended up calling the number. Fortunately she couldn't get through.

"Some information is out there that should not be. So, that's what worries me," said Pillow.

Since Lynchburg police posted a warning on its Facebook page, it's gotten more than 250 shares.

Steven Wood, the department's crime prevention coordinator, said it's one of the biggest phone scams he's seen.

Wood says in some cases the number has gone to an automated voice messaging service, asks the caller to dial their banking information, and then charges them based on the number of options they select. He says it's hard to know how scammers are getting your phone numbers, but most of the potential victims have been Verizon customers.

A spokesman for Beacon Credit Union says their system has not been hacked.

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