Bath Co. Officials Use DNA To ID Remains as Beacher Hackney's

Update 11:53 p.m.

Bath Co., VA - Bath County Sheriff's investigators say the remains found in a wooded area a little more than two weeks ago are Beacher Hackney.

Hackney was charged with killing two co-workers at The Homestead resort in 2009. Sheriff Robert Plecker says DNA tests confirmed that the remains are those of Hackney.

Those remains were found on September 2nd. Plecker said a handgun of the same caliber as the one used in the slayings was found with Hackney's remains along with 60 rounds of ammunition.

Sheriff Plecker said we may never know how Hackney died. He says it is a bitter sweet day for the murdered victims' families.

"They are glad it's over with. Closure, yes. They don't get to see him go to trial, but it's closure," said Bath County Sheriff Robert Plecker. "Many people missed many meals and little league ball games, things like that in pursuit of Beacher Hackney over the last 3 years," said U.S. Marshal Gerald Holt.

Holt said it's not been decided if anyone will get reward money in the case.

Update noon:

Bath Co., VA - The Bath County Sheriff's Office confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the human remains found earlier this month are those of Beacher Hackney.

Officials made the announcement at a press conference in Bath County saying the medical examiner had identified the body.

Hackney is wanted for killing two co-workers at the Homestead back in March of 2009.


Bath County, Va. - Bath County Sheriff's Office has called a press conference Tuesday afternoon. It involves the case about human remains that were found in Bath County more than two weeks ago.

Two people found the remains in woods September 2nd on private land near The Homestead's Lower Cascades golf course. Police say clothing was found with the remains - but they wouldn't say if anything else was found.

Bath County's sheriff says the only missing person that he is still investigating is Beacher Hackney. Hackney is wanted for killing two co-workers at the Homestead back in March of 2009.