Bat Bites Amherst County High School Student

Amherst, VA - A bizarre incident at Amherst County High School even has administrators puzzled.

The principal says a student was bitten by a bat inside the school building, just before the bell rang Thursday morning.

Shane Wade, a 10th grader, says he'd just finished eating breakfast at school when he took sympathy on a little bat. The rest of the story he tells with a sense of humor.

"Everybody kept calling me Batman saying I was gonna get special powers and stuff," Wade said, just a few hours after being released from the hospital.

Amherst County High school is still trying to determine how the intruder, dressed in all black, slipped past the video surveillance system, flew by the main office, and dodged a net in the hands of a science teacher.

"The kids were very poised and very well maintained considering the circumstances," said Principal Haywood Hand, shortly after the incident.

Hand says the bat didn't appear to be rabid, but it flew down the hallway towards the back entrance, and in the ultimate act of betrayal, turned on the very hand trying to free it.

"He bit me twice right here," Wade said, pointing to three small bite marks on his fingers.

The bat managed to escape the school, a motive unclear. But as a precaution, the principal's called in exterminators for back up.

"It just so happened that today happened to be the day that the bat wanted to visit Amherst County high school," added Hand.

As for Wade, he got five shots, a trip to the hospital and a new nickname: Batman.

He plans on heading back to school tomorrow and says if he saw another bat trapped inside the building, he would do the same thing all over again.