Bassett HS Surprises Teacher With Regional Teacher of Year Award

Bassett, VA -- For the first time, a Henry County teacher is regional teacher of the year.

Thursday morning, Bassett High School surprised band teacher Trey Harris. Not only did Harris not know, they kept the secret from almost the whole school! The students thought they were going to the auditorium to celebrate the band but instead they announced the teacher of the year.
Harris has been teaching at Bassett for 18 years. He says this award shocked him, but he's very honored.
"We all like recognition and we all like to think that someone has seen us go the extra mile, but it's about the kids," said Harris.
Many students say they are not surprised he is getting this recognition. They say he spends countless hours after work helping students and really inspires them.
"There is no teacher in this building, in this school system with more dedication to what he does, than what he does," said Jacob Wilkins, Junior at Bassett High School.
Harris will now be considered for state teacher of the year award.