Bassett Group Takes Vitalization Into Own Hands

Bassett, VA - For a group of Bassett natives, seeing what their downtown area looks like is disheartening. They remember a much more vibrant community.

"I remember back when we had a thriving community," said John Pilgrim, President of the Greater Bassett Area Community. "Now it's just left up to citizens like us to take up that burden to improve that."

"You had a dime store, a drug store, and across the track over here at one time, there was a hotel and of course you had the industries here," said Jackie Coleman.

The Greater Bassett Area Community formed to improve the appearance and quality of life in Bassett.

"Primarily what we've been doing is working on the street. Mowing, the cleaning of the streets, and helping clean up the river," Coleman said.

"We had a lot of dark spaces where it wasn't properly lit, so we funded with donations of our generous citizens and with Appalachian to install streetlights," Pilgrim said.

The group has also worked on creating camaraderie within the community with several events throughout the year.

"People seem to have lost interest and pride in the community and that's what we're trying to build back," Pilgrim said.

The Greater Bassett Area Community Group also partners with other non-profits for clean-up projects.

If you'd like to donate, you can e-mail Ruby Davis at