Bassett Man Connected to Dead Woman May Be in Danger

Bassett, VA - The family members of a missing Bassett man are worried that his life is in danger. That's because they say Ricky Dodson was dating Vicky Purdy, the woman whose remains were found inside a burned car earlier this month. And he went missing around the same time she did.

The Dodson family learned about Vicky Purdy's remains being found inside a burned up car when an officer came to their door delivering them bad news as well.

"They asked if I knew where Ricky was at, if I know where Ricky was at," said Polly Dodson, Ricky Dodson's mother.

Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry says Polly Dodson's son, and Mandy's father, Ricky, went missing around the same time as Vicky. The Dodsons say the two had been dating for years, even though many say Vicky was married to someone else.
"Somebody done something to Vicky, so why not they done something to Ricky," said Polly.
Suspicion has now turned to concern. Nearly two weeks have passed since the last time Polly spoke to her son.
"I think something bad has happened I really do," said Polly.
Sheriff Perry will not rule anything out regarding Dodson's disappearance. He says for now, they don't know if Dodson is still alive, has any information about Purdy's disappearance, or even if he should be considered a suspect.
"We do need to find him, he could be a very instrumental part of the solution of this," said Perry.
The Dodsons' remain confident that Ricky is also a victim.
"Can't sleep, you don't know. You don't know who to trust," said Mandy.
The Dodsons tearfully say they think Ricky is now with Vicky, but they remain hopeful that he will come home one day.
"I just hope they find him either way so we can have closure," said Mandy.
The Henry County Sheriff's Office is hoping the public will be able to help them in finding Dodson. If you have any information, you are asked to call (276) 63-CRIME.