Banker Steel Expands in Campbell Co.

Campbell Co., VA - Banker Steel is expanding again. Tuesday, the company unveiled its newest addition in Campbell County just off Rangoon Road, near the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

The 41,000 square foot building was built in just under four months and is now ready to go.

Banker Steel came to Campbell County back in 2006, and this is its third time expanding.

The expansion means more jobs, more growth, and more opportunities for the company and its employees.

B.B. Shavers is a Crane Operator at Banker Steel.

"From 6 o'clock until 5 o'clock you are just hustling and bustling. Chop chop as they say around here," said Shavers.

Shavers says he was excited to learn that more jobs were coming to the area.

"Any time you get a chance to be able to give back to the community and help the community... because if that's 50 new jobs for 50 people, that's 50 more families that can be blessed in some type of way," Shavers said.

"That's good, excellent because a lot of folks in Lynchburg need a job," said welder Cade Nappier.

Banker Steel says it plans to increase its workforce by 50 employees.

Part of the growth includes a multi-million dollar contract for a state-of-the-art high rise development in Brooklyn, New York.

"It's the first 3 story modular building in the world," said CEO Don Banker.

"We are extremely appreciative and happy to celebrate this occasion," Mike Davidson said.

"This is very exciting to get this plan up and running," Banker continued.

The new facility will build modular structures.

Employees like Shavers are ready to get started.

"It gives you an opportunity to show the skills and talents here across the United States and across the world, so it's always great to expand," Shavers said.

Mike Davidson with the Campbell County Economic Development office says the new building will create $2.5 million in capital investment, which helps bring revenue to the area.