Bad Weather Just in Time for Holiday Travel

Lynchburg, VA - With bad weather throughout the nation, it was a bumpy start to one of the busiest Holiday weekends of the year.

A lot of people hit the roads and skies Thursday trying to get home for the holidays. But wicked weather is making things treacherous for some, slow-going for others.

Many said they're just ready to get on their way. Not the easiest thing - when so much of the country is facing such strong winter storms.

"Lynchburg to Charlotte, and then Charlotte to Denver, and then driving two hours" said Sweet Briar College freshman, Anne McMurrain. This is her first Christmas traveling back home.

"I'm not too worried about getting home on time, Denver is usually really good" she said.

And after one checked bag and ten hours of travel, McMurrain will arrive home, in Colorado.

"It'll be my first time home all semester so I'm excited to be back" she said.

"We do get the local colleges, and families, leaving to go to other airports, and we get quite a lot of families coming in to do the holidays here in Lynchburg" said Lynchburg Regional Airport Deputy Director, Richard Stein.

This Christmas caps one of the busiest years here at Lynchburg Regional. November travel at the airport was up more than 5% from last year.

"We had high passenger loadings which bodes real well for the airport, and with the Christmas holidays here too, it's going to continue into December, even into January" said Stein.

"Yesterday was beautiful, today's terrible. So I'm very glad that I came yesterday" said Lorena Velasquez who traveled to Lynchburg from Florida.

A Midwest snowstorm and southern showers are putting plans on hold for many holiday travelers.

At Lynchburg's Amtrak station, an arrival was delayed almost an hour because of bad weather.

"I came from New York to Lynchburg. It's a little frustrating but it's totally worth it now that I'm with my Mom and my family" said Nikko Velasquez.

"We never get to see each other" said Lorena.

"It's completely worth it. I'm so excited" said Nikko.

Despite the weather, AAA predicts almost 100 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles this Christmas; up 1.6% from last year.