Backups Minor at Busy New Lynchburg Fresh Market Intersection

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's brand new Fresh Market is a foodie heaven. Its aisles packed with people at all hours of the day.

That new shopping center is sitting along an already busy road, now seeing some additional traffic.

At one entrance a new stop light has been added to ease a little bit of the congestion, not to mention make the busy spot a little safer.

Some shoppers are saying they didn't notice any severe congestion, maybe a mild back up; even with plenty of drivers packing into the Fresh Market parking lot.

"I drove here from Lynchburg College and it really wasn't that hectic until we got to the new stoplight. But after that, we just turned right in no problems" said Trey Barden.

Fresh Market is the first and only open store in that newly built center. More are expected to open in the coming months.