Lynchburg Police Chief Getting Criticism After Comments He Made in Meeting

Lynchburg, VA - Gun rights advocates are demanding the Lynchburg police chief apologize for statements he made at Tuesday's city council meeting.

They were discussing lowering the cost of concealed carry permits when Chief Parks Snead said it could create a loophole that a Cho-like figure could fall through.

Seung-Hui Cho was the gunman responsible for killing 32 people at Virginia Tech.

The police chief immediately began backpedaling away from that statement, acknowledging that Cho had nothing to do with the issue of concealed carry permits.

This is what Chief Parks Snead at Tuesday's city council meeting:

"I see this as a loophole that a Cho-like figure could fall through."

Snead referencing the Virginia Tech killer at Tuesday's City Council meeting certainly raised eyebrows. It came after Councilman Jeff Helgeson's proposal to reduce the $50 fee for concealed carry permits.

"It's unfortunate that he tried to attribute criminal activity to our law abiding citizens," said Helgeson.

"I certainly do apologize to anyone that I've offended by that comment," said Snead.

Snead says the comment was in response to city council members' questions about whether the background checks could be conducted faster. And admits in hindsight, it was comparing apples to oranges.

"The Cho comment again was unfortunate particularly if it distracted council members or the public from what I meant to convey. Which is that the system works but it's only as effective as we make it," said Snead.

Some gun advocates though, consider the chief's comments a scare tactic to justify charging a $35 background check fee, the maximum allowed under state law.

"To include that guy in a conversation about conscientious citizens -- they care about the community, they would be some of the first folks to jump in if one of his officers was in trouble -- that to me was disappointing," said Mike Troxel.